July 2018 Newsletter

Happy July, HPN praying team! We hope you’re staying cool this very hot month, but if you’re stuck inside, that’s the perfect place to pray for Hollywood as you watch TV or Netflix or listen to music. We have some great suggestions on how to pray this month.

•  Praise God for LEGACY and watch the recap video
•  Praise God that Chris Pratt is boldly sharing his faith
•  Pray for the new leaders at Pixar and Disney Animation
•  We encourage Christian women in Hollywood to find community
•  We want more male intercessors to pray for industry professionals
•  Pray for Tim Allen and his spiritual journey
•  Pray for Terry Crews sharing his story
•  Pray for the widespread impact of video games
•  Pray for San Diego Comic-Con and everyone attending
•  Pray for a new film festival coming up in Kazakhstan
•  Pray for all of the 2018 Emmy nominees
•  Pray for the staff at HBO during a time of transition
•  Don’t miss all of the amazing upcoming events for Christians in Hollywood
•  Pray for and join our new Local Chapter Directors in six cities


Praise God for LEGACY
We are still basking in the glow of the miraculous 2018 LEGACY event this past May and have just posted the 3-minute overview video. Please check it out as we continue to praise God for that miraculous evening of Story and Prayer.

Chris Pratt Sharing his Faith
We praise God for Chris Pratt, who is getting so bold in publically expressing his faith. We want you to hear his amazing speech that he gave on June 19th as he received the MTV Generation Award. As you listen, keep lifting him up and asking the Lord to give him strength, wisdom and continued favor. And remember not to judge his humor, for he wisely became “all things to all people so that by all means possible he might save some.”


Pete Docter, Jennifer Lee at Pixar and Disney
Pray for Pete Docter and Jennifer Lee who have taken over for John Lasseter at Pixar/Disney Animation studios. They are a powerful team and we want to pray for them to have wisdom, integrity, creativity and a servant leaders approach to leading the teams. We thank the Lord that Pete is a Christian and we want Jennifer to come to know Him as well, as they work together in that important role, affecting children and families all over the world.

Community for Women in Hollywood
As we continue to pray for women in the workplace in Hollywood, producer and HPN chapter director Alexandra Boylan has compiled a list of opportunities for women to get involved in our community, both spiritually and professionally. Check out this list and feel free to pass this link on to any female entertainment or media professionals you know, as you pray for God's hand to be on women in our community – professionally and personally.

Men to pray for Media Professionals
HPN still needs male intercessors for our One-To-One Prayer Partnership Program! Please pray for the Lord to bring more praying men who would be willing to pray for just one male industry professional as their HPN Media Missionary.


Pray for Tim Allen's Spiritual Journey
The comedian Tim Allen, who is known for his TV series Home Improvement and Last Man Standing is leaving ABC and moving to Fox with a new season of Last Man Standing. We want to pray for Tim, for he is a deep thinking man who believes in God. Let’s pray that his God loves him right into the arms of Jesus! Hear Tim talk about his spiritual journey below.

Pray for Terry Crews
Pray for actor Terry Crews as he boldly steps out in support of men and women in Hollywood who have been sexually assaulted. Through vulnerably sharing his own powerful story, he sheds more light on this ongoing #MeToo issue that needs our prayers for breakthrough and healing.

The Impact of Video Games
Let’s pray for the growing concern of video gamers getting addicted to their games. Video games, which are one of the top grossing product in our nation, are educational and fun, yet also distracting and even addicting. Let’s pray that parents have the wisdom to understand their children’s needs and wants, and that they can monitor video games so that playing games can be a wonderful form of entertainment and education and not a destructive addition.

Pray for Comic-Con Guests and Attendees
Pray for the year’s largest pop culture convention, San Diego Comic-Con, July 19-22. It is influential for both the industry and the general public. It also brings heightened publicity to the celebrities who attend, especially on social media. So, let’s pray for their emotional endurance under increased attention. Pray for the over 100,000 attendees and all the celebrities and creators who will be involved. You can even use the schedule (below) of television panels and screenings as a prayer list and pray for the cast and crew represented by each presentation.

New Film Festival in Kazakhstan
Let’s pray for a breakthrough film festival taking place this September in Kazakhstan. A desired side effect of the festival is to bring more film production to Kazakhstan, and several international filmmakers are competing so the festival leaders hope to garner interest from them and investors. Every society on the planet is impacted by the power of films and the Almaty Film Festival is another example of movies touching the hearts of people everywhere. May the Lord be present in these theatres in Kazakhstan as people gather from all over to watch the films and absorb their messages.

Pray for the 2018 Emmy Nominees
The Emmy nominations were announced last week, so this is a great time to be praying for television! Let’s pray for every nominee to experience God’s loving presence. Also, for every Christian who may be working on these TV shows: that God gives them strength and endurance in their day-to-day work and that they can show God’s love to everyone they interact with in their jobs. We can also pray that through all the nominated shows, the stories of hope, love, and redemption are highlighted and God can be tangibly present at the awards ceremony.

Changes for HBO Employees
Following the merger of AT&T and Time Warner, leaders at HBO (owned by Time-Warner) recently warned employees about the tough year to come. Though they were reassured of job security, HBO employees learned that a lot will be changing and they’ll be asked to “work harder.” Let’s pray that the employees are treated well during the transition and that the demands of their jobs don’t overwhelm them. We can also pray that as HBO brings on more employees, Christians will fill some of those positions and have the opportunity to influence people there with the love of Jesus.

Join YouVersion: HPN Prayer Devotional
Join the YouVersion App for the Hollywood Prayer Journal Devotional. Our most recent 7-day devotional is on "Loneliness" – click here to view it online. More great topics are already available to every HPN member and friend. Just go to YouVersion and type in "Hollywood Prayer Network," or find them all on our website under "Devotionals." 

Thanks so much for spending this month praying with us for Hollywood and the global entertainment industry. Please keep lifting up the projects and the issues that impact the entire planet and the people’s hearts who make the decisions and create the stories that we all enjoy. Have a great summer.

Karen, Erin, Kim, Virginia, and Tim

Upcoming Events:

Jul 21: Hollywood Film & Faith
Hollywood Film & Faith presents Justin Chang, LA Times Film Critic, on July 21st from 1-3pm. This event will take place at CBS Studio Center. Click here for more info and registration.

Aug 11: Hollywood Chapter Prayer Encounter
All LA locals are welcome for the Hollywood Chapter's Prayer Encounter at Hollywood Adventist Church. Come anytime between 5-7pm on August 11th for a unique personal prayer experience designed as a reflective space to spend time alone with God re-grounding your faith and spirit. Participants interact with various illustrations each focusing on a different aspect of their relationship with God, guided by audio narration set to original contemplative music. You will love this creative event! This is also a great opportunity to bring a friend! Bring your own earphones, if you prefer. Contact HollywoodChapter@hpnemail.org with any questions.

Upcoming Greenhouse Events
The Greenhouse has many upcoming events for people in different facets of the industry. Check out their events page to attend a workshop, writers group, or presentation and get connected to the community.

Community Calendar
Check out our HPN Community Calendar in order to pray through the other events that offer professional, spiritual and emotional growth for the 10,000+ Christians in Hollywood. Please email us if you have an event to add!

New Local Chapters
Click the city name to see contact info for the chapter director.

Led by Deborah Watson

Led by India Cross

Led by Dianna Sandora

Led by Portia Motale

Led by Chip Lane and Angelique Chase

Led by Alexandra Boylan

Verse Of The Month
This verse is for each of us and for every person in Hollywood:
"...being confident of this, that He
who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until
the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6 NIV

Perspective Of The Month
Actor Tony Hale recently spoke about how his Hollywood career intersects with his faith. Click here for an article summarizing his perspective.

Quote Of The Month
"I don’t think people in any way, shape, or form like to be lectured to. When people go to a movie, they want to see some sort of experience of themselves on the screen. They don’t come to be taught. So in that sense, and in terms of any sort of beliefs, I don’t want to feel as though I’m ever lecturing or putting an agenda forth."
Pete Docter, head of Pixar, in Christianity Today

Tip Of The Month
George Barna, in his book Revolution (2000), reported that "over 20 percent of all American adults found in media, culture, and the arts their primary means of spiritual expression and growth, with that percentage on the upswing such that by 2025 over one-third of all adults in the United States are projected to turn to media, culture, and the arts for their primary spiritual experiences."

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