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The following insight and blessing was written by frequent blog contributor CHERI MAJORS M.S., a former (and occasional) movie actress, model and more:
God Hears the Devoted Prayers of His People 
The Bible declares that any need or insurmountable problem, requiring quick resolution, should begin with prayer and fasting. Miracles always followed these events in Biblical days of old, and can still happen today.
I was not raised with fasting and prayer, as it was even a foreign concept to my Christian Sunday-School-teaching grandmother. Fasting or any other means of self-control was certainly never followed in my immediate non-practicing Christian home, so the very concept of starving myself seemed extremely uncomfortable at first.
I had even questioned whether fasting was Biblical, because my family dismissed it as a spiritual concept (not literal starving) but I had my doubts. I did however fast faithfully during my modeling years, without employing Christian or other religious doctrines as the basis for my exercises in restraint.
Practicing Restraint
Every Monday I would fast, in an effort to clear out the damaging effects of weekend dating, drinking, and dining (the Devil's playground) and although I tried, I was not very good at throwing-up the excesses. God did however patiently allow me to continue my wildly-excessive weekends, without losing my modeling face or figure, as I enjoyed the abundance of His undeserved, yet unending grace.
Miracle Fasting
As idiotic as my "Barbie" logic was, fasting once a week to continue living wild on the weekends, God blessed me anyway. For my simple, 1-day-a-week fast and show-of-restraint, He kept me thin and semi-flawless through many years of self-inflicted misery-filled weekends.
As I got older I began hearing more about Biblical fasting through various televangelists, and the whole concept started making more sense. God didn't want to deprive us (He was the One providing for us) but He did want us to show restraint, and dedication, along with prayers to get us past any roadblocks.
Biblical Miracles
There are 25 passages in the Bible (New International Version) about fasting, as well as the book of Esther. A short story in the Old Testament, turned into a novel, inspiring the movie "One Night with the King" (2006) explaining how an orphan girl "found favor" with King Xerxes and with God.
Queen Esther uncovered an insidious plot, intended to destroy her heritage along with the entire Jewish nation, so she called her people to prayer and fasting, in an effort to save them from extinction (mass genocide) at the hand of the King's adviser. The nation of Israel needed a miracle, and God not only granted their prayer requests, by allowing the survival of the Jewish race, but turned the extinction plot around on those who would harm the "apple of His eye".
Other Biblical miracles can be found in the book of Daniel, showing how his refusal to bow down to a foreign King (in place of God) or even eat the King's food (not ordained by God) got him, and his friends, thrown into a furnace, and a lion's den. However Daniel's devotion to God, coupled with his restraint, brought God's angels to ensure that no one was harmed in the fiery furnace, or in the lion's den. 
Following Biblical Instruction
Isaiah 58 gives us the Lord's instructions and guidelines for fasting and praying, and offers us miracle solutions for our problems. Although God is not specific about the food and liquid intake (or lack thereof) he does tell us how we should be acting toward one another while fasting, in order to experience the fullness of our miracles, and blessings from Him.
The "Esther Fast" is an extreme 3-day liquids-only fast. We learn through the book of Esther that the Jewish people prayed and fasted while only drinking water for 3 days. The first day begins after eating dinner, and after the sun sets. Only healthy liquids are consumed until the sun sets on the 3rdnight, when you can once again eat dinner.
The "Daniel Fast" is a much longer 40-day fast, without eating meat, sweets, or bread, but those are the only restrictions. Vegetables, grains, nuts, pasta, beans, fruit, dairy, (some say fish is allowed) along with healthy liquids, such as water, milk, and juices. If you are already a healthy eater this extended fast is not as difficult as you think. 
Remember to pray along with the fast of your choice, to bring miracles, even if there doesn't seem to be any hope left. Today we can stand on the same miraculous promises as provided by God, and documented in the Bible, whether personal, national, or world-wide. But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself, and wait for your promised miracles to happen.
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