Thursday, December 6, 2012


It is almost as if they are playing it according to the Script! The Script I am talking about is the Bible...and the so-called "OLD" Testament to be precise! News comes out this week that Syria, where the chemical weapons from Saddam Hussain's Iraq were hid, is allegedly preparing to use some of them against their own people. Whether this is true or not, there are some facts which cannot be denied. The main truth is this - one of the oldest cities in history, Damascus - is on the way out.

We always hear that the "New Testament" is Jesus REVEALED. This is true. What is also true is the "OLD Testament" is the New Testament revealed too! There are MORE and critically precise End Time prophesies in the Old Testament than in the 29 books of the New Testament. What the New part of the Book shows us are the mechanics of these Old Time prophets' messages - from Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel and Zechariah back to even Moses....need I go on??!! Add Malachi to that as we have seen this past week in this blog! The Book of Revelation tells us HOW it is going to go down. The Old Testament Prophets tells us to WHOM, WHEN and how bad it is going to get! Jesus Himself confirmed a lot of this. He even confirmed Daniel's exact prophesy (Daniel 12:11) of the "Abomination that brings Desolation" (Read Matthew 24 in its entirety about the last days...which we are now living in).

So back to Syria where many of us see the prophesies of Isaiah 17 coming into plain view, as the armies of the north (Iran, Russia) are also waiting in the shadows to jump into fulfilling prophesy. Read the following passage from Isaiah 17 and then watch these videos...pray and then judge for yourself. By the way, the "Cities of Aroer" described below in verse 2 are in modern day northeastern Jordan! So this is going to be bigger and wider than we can even imagine, once it starts!
An oracle concerning Damascus.
Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city
and will become a heap of ruins.
The cities of Aroer are deserted;
they will be for flocks,
which will lie down, and none will make them afraid.
The fortress will disappear from Ephraim,
and the kingdom from Damascus;
and the remnant of Syria will be
like the glory of the children of Israel,
declares the LORD of hosts.....(Isaiah 17:1-3 ESV)

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