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UPDATE (July 13, 2012): "Holman Publishing was only asked to remove the military insignia's after they VIOLATED their agreement with the military branches. They were given permission to use the commercial versions of the military seals on the boxes the bibles came in, but the branches found out last year that he had since started putting the official seals on the bibles themselves, thus VIOLATING HIS AGREEMENT WITH THE MILITARY!"  (Informed Sources).

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Bibles are still sold on US Military Bases. This will continue. The only Bibles removed are these pictured here with the Military insignia

The US Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty has asked Congress to intervene over the removal of Holman Christian Standard Bibles from PX's and US Military base stores and restore the sale of these special designated Holman Bibles to the store shelves.  
The Christian Post has reported that due to just a few complaints from a small, but hostile atheist organization, the Pentagon policy makers have made this strange decision. This comes right on the heels of news from this same politicized Pentagon, that the rate of suicides among US Soldiers has now reached one suicide per day! There have been 154 US military personnel suicides from January 1 to June 3, 2012!  Retired US Chaplain Peter Sousa told the Christian Post in part "..."I am speaking from experiences in my perspective, but I do believe that the young people coming into the military today do not have the firm foundation in religious belief that previous generations had. More and more soldiers are saying they have no religious preference". 

This is the latest religious freedom issue involving US soldiers who need the Cleansing Power of the Blood of Christ and the Word of God to give them a hope and a future. It just came out that 1 in 5 returning service personnel face Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).They face divorce, separation from their families and unconventional warfare only to find their spiritual knees have been cut out from under them by their own superiors who sit behind desks. Here is a list of attacks on Christians and the Bible in the past two years....and a lot of it successfully instigated by a guy named Michael Weinstein, a confirmed atheist whose apparent main purpose in life is to dishonor our God; remove as many bibles from the US Military as possible and deny hurting servicemen and women true Spiritual counsel. Weinstein runs something called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which is about anything but religious freedom.
- Rev. Franklin Graham was kicked out and disinvited from a National Day of Prayer service inside the Pentagon in 2010 because of his solid stance for Christ!
-  Rev. Franklin Graham runs the worldwide charitable SAMARITAN'S PURSE, which gave over 8 million shoeboxes full of gifts to poor children of all races and religion around the world. This past December 2011, the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs kicked Samaritan's Purse off the Campus because two atheists complained!  Yet this same Air Force Academy has given witches some high ground to build and conduct their Pagan rituals!!!
-  US Chaplains are forbidden from praying in the Name of Jesus.
-  In the fall of 2011, the brass at Walter Reed Hospital, the largest military one where wounded military from Iraq and Afghanistan are treated, sent down a written memo banning ALL bibles from Reed! After it was discovered and some US congressman started condemning the ban from the floor of Capitol Hill, the US government took back their memo and allowed families to bring bibles for their wounded sons and daughters again.
-  This past February 2012, all Army chaplains were banned by the government from reading a letter from the Catholic bishops, where the bishops spoke against the church being made to buy and give employees contraception and pregnancy prevention pills for free...against the tenets of church teaching.

The answer to all of this is - PRAY for the brave men and women of the US Military and the people who send them to war.  PRAY for those suffering PTSD and families of those who are living in desperation due to the high rate of suicide among their loved ones, who have served.
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