Monday, October 31, 2011


Everyone has a worldview or a way of looking at things! Therefore a worldview is not just how we look at things but how we use that information to then act according to that specific belief system. 

For us, a Biblical Worldview is at a premium. A Christian either has one, or not! Sadly, the world renowned pollster and author George Barna has found that only 9% of us Born-again Christians even have such a worldview! This is not only outrageous, but indicative of the woeful lack of biblical knowledge, application and discernment in the modern American church!

This video is 17 minutes of a 25 minute message recorded on July 16, 2011 for the Florida based Christian Television Network's Decatur, Illinois affiliate - WLCF. This is an episode of SPOTLIGHT which airs weekly from Springfield to Danville, Illinois; parts of Central Florida (including Orlando) as well as now - Ghana!

I attempt to briefly discuss, a Biblical Worldview.  May it bless you. Amen!

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