Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome to the Lutchman Family Ministries Blog!!

My name is Bernie Lutchman and am the dad of this wonderful family which God has given me. I have been married to the only woman the Lord has given as my bride, Vicki, since June 1989.

We are the parents of three wonderful Christian children - Bernie III (15); Sam (12) and Sarah (9 in November 2007). They have all accepted the Lord as personal Savior and are all baptised into the Witness of His Holy Name, at the First Baptist Church in Petersburg, Illinois.

The Lord has given us a heart for ministry which involves all our children. Like my mother in law, Joyce Mancke and her husband Verlin and Ben Tan who formed a blossoming Nursing Home Ministry called Sonshine Outreach in Joliet, Illinois, we have a heart for nursing and retirement homes as well as small churches since 2003. The Lord has also allowed us to minister at the Springfield Professional Christian Women's Club in the past, with another divine appointment coming up this December 2007 for their Christmas program.

We love small churches, out in the country, for their authentic homespun ambience and the people who just reach out to us. My son Sam is an excellent student of the Violin and plays hymns. By the way (I will post these later) but he is also an superb artist and has just won two blue ribbons for first place in Painting and sculpting at the Illinois State Fair. My eldest son, Bernie, is a percussionist with the Sangamon Valley Youth Symphony in Springfield and has himself won two blue ribbons in 2003 for his painting and pencil drawing. My sweet little Sarah is daddy's little girl and has a heart for Jesus which shines through by the way she sings. Of course the love of my life, Vicki, is my main inspiration.

The Lord God is my true Father in Law and it was He who gave her in marriage to me. I cherish her every moment and love her unconditionally. She has the voice of an angel and the heart of Christ. She is a powerful praying woman and a powerful evangelist over the years to the people she has come into contact with. She is our special music vocalist as well as part of our duet. We gave our love, time and resources to this ministry, no matter how small etc...and the Lord has blessed us many times over.

This is just a brief introduction to our family and how we function in our love for the Lord. We are open and available to answer the call to minister almost anywhere. Thank you for allowing me to do so. Come back next time for information on a fantastic Men's and family resource called Business Men in Christ ( and the columns available there for your reading and illumination!! God bless you! Shalom


psalm 27:4

Communications Director, Business Men In Christ

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